South African illustrator and graphic designer Karabo Poppy Moletsane creates “Sho’t Left" - A Zine on South African occupations.

Describing these collection of images as a representation of “different occupations (along with their tool) found in South Africa”, illustrator Karabo Moletsane drew her inspiration for these drawings from real life.

Moletsane took a trip to Church Square, Pretoria’s Central Business District, where she interviewed people she met about their occupations and the tools they use. During this trip, she came across a taxi driver, a peace officer, a hairdresser and a few “Skhotanes”. 

About this work, Moletsane says:

"The purpose of this zine was to display how unique and different South African occupations are and to inform readers about the exciting facts, tools, people, colour and culture one may encounter when riding in Proudly South African taxi.*"

*FYI, a ‘taxi’ in South Africa is not a cab, but a form of public transportation whereby a registered combi vehicle is used to transport multiple people along a particular route.

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